My Education Choice

Success Stories

I am adding a simple explanation as well:  I am a 21 year old single mother of 2 who thru challenges of my own doing as well as some that I could not control was unable to attend a typical college.  I am currently on state aid and for me to become self sufficient and provide for my family I chose a Diploma program that allows me to start work then I will be able to continue on with a typical degree.  Please do not take that away from me and my boys.

Jessica Dallape
Diploma in Medical Assistance, 2012
Herzing University, Wisconsin

As a person of the lower middle class with Lupus from early childhood I have depended on others for so much.  Without these individuals, my education would have been stalled greatly.  The teachers of Bates Technical College are ones who go above and beyond to make sure their students get the education they need to truly obtain the skills needed to join and succeed in the workforce.

Siproena Johnson
Associate's Degree in Early Education
Bates Technical School,Washington

I am a newly separated single mom to 6 children. I started a family young at age 18 and devoted all my time to raising my children and being a stay at home mom and homemaker. Being in my 30′s and suddenly on my own without any job experience i was looking at a dead end job in retail or fast food. That won’t support a family, I would be on welfare. I decided to look into nursing. I attended ECPI Medical Career Institute and graduated top of my class in practical nursing. It was tough, 5 days a week from 8am-4:30pm for 14 months with additional clinical hours. I am now able to work as a nurse making good enough money to be off of public assistance. This is wonderful for me! It has helped my self esteem and I hope has inspired my children to continue their education after high school. I worked hard, it wasn’t easy but I got through it and am very thankful that I had this opportunity. I did get pell grants, and I have student loans now but I will be able to pay them back with my good pay check! Please don’t take this opportunity away from other people who are like me.

Sara Ward
Professional Certification in Practical Nursing, 2010
ECPI Medical Career Institute, Virginia

Provided me with the healthcare managerial skills to integrate my community college generalist knowledge base, enhance my resume and widen the range of available jobs I could qualify for.

Maureen Luke-Chapman
Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management, 1977
Strayer College, Virginia

I was 37 when I went back to school to complete my education in accounting. I received my BS in accounting in 2016. I started my own business in 2016 something I would have never thought about until I received my education.

Henrietta Jamison
Bachelor's Degree in Finance, 2016
Strayer University,Virginia