My Education Choice

I was one that was not great in grade school, my teachers told me that I would be working at McDonald’s my whole life. I went to Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, IL because i did not have to take the SAT test to get in (I never was great a test). Plus I love to cook. I loved to so much I went back to Le cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ to get my Bachelor’s degree. All my instructors whom are also professors at University’s said that the program at Le Cordon Bleu is much harder than the the university’s. One of my instructors who was a MBA professor at Harvard University’s told us his student at Harvard got it easy. I now own my own resturant and teach part time at at culinary academy teaching future chefs and culinarians. Whitout a career college i would have restaurant that serves both the public and the homeless, I wouldnt be teaching now. So if you get rid of career colleges you might as well get rid of restaurants too.

Michael Lehman
Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu, Texas

I went Kaplan college to gain a career because traditional college was not for me at that time.  It was what I needed to succeed at the time.  I completed my Pharmacy Technician training in 2016 and immediately started working.  I then became an instructor at a career college like the one that I went too.

Tijeria Delgado
Associate's Degree in Pharmaceutical Technology, 2016
Kaplan College, Texas

I am proud to say I will graduate from Bryan College with a degree I can work with. They have given me the skills to further my education and move forward with my life. The faculty at Bryan College have been very supportive in any way possible.

Robin DeClue
Associate's Degree in Business Administration, 2011
Bryan College, Tennessee

Hussian School of Art was the perfect fit for me. The amazing, dedicated faculty of working professionals brought my industry into each class. Their skills and experience allowed me to amass an array of focused technical abilities in addition to general professional attributes that have served me well throughout my career – and have allowed me to move and develop into various career areas I would have never dreamed possible years ago. I have returned to Hussian School of Art as part of its administration with sincere pride, and hope to show our current students by living example the benefits of career training at its very best!

Lynne Wartman
Associate's Degree in Specialized Technology, 1981
Hussian School of Art, Pennsylvania

Studied Accounting/Finance in a two-year, non-accredited business school.  Paid for it myself while working parttime as a staff accountant in a CPA firm.  This course provided a solid basis to continue accounting courses at a local college’s evening school program while working fulltime.  Had no school debt when completed and have been gainfully employed in accounting fields for 30+ years. Am a home-owner and relatively debt-free.

Elizabeth Sherman
Associate's Degree in Accounting and Finance, 1979
McCann School of Business and Technology, Pennsylvania