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The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities is a voluntary membership organization of accredited, private, postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges and universities that provide career-specific educational programs. Online has over 1,400 members that educate and support almost two million students each year for employment in over 200 occupational fields. These schools and colleges graduate approximately one-half of the technically trained workers who enter the U.S. workforce each year and also provide retraining for displaced workers and skills-upgrading for a wide variety of public and private employers.

Online member institutions cover the full gamut of postsecondary education: from short-term certificate and diploma programs, to two- and four-year associate and baccalaureate degrees, to masters and doctoral programs. Some of the occupational fields for which Online institutions provide programs include: information technology; allied medical; business administration; mechanical engineering; commercial art; radio and television broadcasting; and culinary and hospitality management.

Most Online member institutions participate in federal student financial assistance programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. In order to participate, they must be licensed by the state in which they are located, accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body, and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Many Online member schools and colleges also participate in other federal, state and local education and workforce training programs.

In addition, the Imagine America Foundation has provided over $35 million in scholarships to high school graduates attending Online member schools, institutes, colleges and universities. The Foundation recently received the highest award from the American Society of Association Executives for innovative education and training initiatives.